Your 业务 互联网 & Phone Expenses Can Be Forgiven With The Paycheck Protection Program

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A letter to my fellow business colleagues and clients, As a small business owner myself, I have been impacted greatly by the COVID-19 pandemic just like many of you. Being an advisor to hundreds of businesses for their business phone and internet services, I have taken a proactive approach to learning about how we can [...]

The Digital Journey: Banking, Trucking & 物流

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The Digital Journey: Banking, Trucking & 物流 The need for enterprises to go digital has never been greater than it is today. CIOs who once relied on analog methods of distributing and recording information now know how important it is to make the switch in order to thrive. A transition that requires immediate attention, the [...]

The Digital Journey :: Insurance and Medical Industries

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The Digital Journey :: Part 1 To date, there is a strong push for enterprise CIOs to go digital. 全面发展, there are three transformational shifts individual organizations and entire industries go through. To better understand the process, one must be aware of the urgency involved with the transition. The competition is fierce and [...]

The Top 4 Trends Transforming High Tech 业务es

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Today's high tech industry is less concerned with the end product and more concerned about the solution powering the technology. You'll see it in all the popular digital trends of today. 例如, it's not the chatbot itself that is transforming the way people interact with businesses online. It's actually the artificial intelligence and [...]

The 互联网 of Things: How It Could Change Your 业务 & 生活

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The 互联网 of Things: How It Could Change Your 业务 & 生活 The 互联网 of Things is a phrase of interest with no small impact on the future success of your business. We currently possess the ability to connect any device to another, whether it be a simple Bluetooth integration or a more complicated communication [...]

SD-WAN: The Truth In What Makes It Different

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The Difference in SD-WAN Solutions Software-defined wide area networking is a necessary service for the modern business. SD-WAN solutions provide enhanced connectivity without the hardware and service costs associated with a traditional wide area network. In a market flooded with options and confused by the presence of both hardware resellers and legitimate service providers, it [...]

Four Reasons Why You Need SD-WAN

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Four Reasons Why You Need SD-WAN A private wide area network is essential to any data driven business. 一个安全的, secure connection between employee devices ensures smooth workflow and top level customer interaction. As more and more elements of the office environment become virtually connected, virtualizing the WAN seems like the next logical step. 软件(...]

The 业务 Desk Phone is DEAD…

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... 还是? In a world where everyone has a phone in their pocket, the desk phone can seem like an obsolete artifact from another era. Yet as technology progresses, the desk line has actually proved itself to be a staple of any functioning office. With a combination of upgraded features and traditional reliability, [...]

The Biggest Issues Call Centers Struggle With & 如何修复它们

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Your call center doesn't have to struggle. Here's how to fix the common issues. Call center work isn't easy. Few people contact a business just to give a compliment; customers usually have a concern or complaint that they need addressed as quickly as possible. In such a fast-paced, high-intensity occupation, it can be difficult to [...]